Elon musk the brains behind the Space X and CEO & chief architect of Tesla Inc is on his way to India. Yes, he plans to operate from India, if this happens India is going to be the second country or the hub for his dream project.

His dream being revolutionizing transport both on earth and space. He has visioned to enter India on various occasions. He has already been for two rounds of discussion with the Karnataka Government and he also planned another meeting between the Tesla head of India and the Karnataka state commissioner for the industry later this month.

Elon tweeted saying “ Would love to be in India. Some challenging government regulations,  unfortunately,” He mentioned to harness the available capital and reinvigorate the Tesla in India. The first point of discussion was the R&D division in India. He’s been on this for the past couple of months. He had tweeted this in the month of March. He showed disappointment with the FDI policies and regulations of the Indian government for the delay in his project.

He has been even thinking to slash his prices of the products. His thoughts are that he changes the battery life and another couple of things to make his Cars cheaper on the contrary he’s allowed. Bengaluru is famed for many aviation, biotechnology, and information technology research and development centers. Karnataka has been seeking active investment to move its resources from China. I think the presence of Tesla will boost the profile of our country.


In the current age where green technologies must be the go, the introduction of companies who rely on alternate resources that don’t burden the earth is required. If Tesla enters the market all the other rivalry companies will be forced to enter the electric car segmentation. In every way, we see it’s a win-win situation.

Therefore, Tesla must be considered and incentives must be provided by the government so that green technologies can be available at reasonable rates to the large number.

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