There is confusion for what to choose next step, among every MBA aspirant. Is it an MBA or PGDM or PGPM, what to choose and what is the difference. What are the Benefits of pursuing the MBA or PGPM or PGPM, Which is better? .Read more to know and understand each program.

Difference between MBA, PGPM, and PGDM: Which is better?

Every MBA aspirant has a career goal which is very important. It is also important how it is going to achieve. As every MBA aspirant is known about what he/she going to choose, how different is from each other Mba and PGPM/PGDM.  

Difference between MBA and PGDM and PGPM.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) 

The first and foremost course MBA aspirant thought is pursuing an MBA, which is approved by respected universities. Collages are just affiliated to University. Where University decides the course design, subjects, duration, etc. And the collages just follow the rules and guidelines of the University.


  • MBA is Applicable in all Government Jobs.
  • MBA degree you become easily eligible for pursuing a Ph.D.
  • The fee structure is less compare to PGDP / PGPM.
  • MBA can be applied for further studies abroad.


  • MBA is more theoretical than practical.
  • Seats are limited in MBA colleges.
  • The Syllabus is not up to date to current development.
  • An MBA institute will be following a fixed curriculum as it will be based on the university guidelines.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) /
Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM) 

Second, though of every MBA aspirant is PGDM/PGPM. Where every MBA aspirants have Misconception about the  PGDM/PGPM. Where PGDM and PGPM are similar to the MBA, even the main studies are about management.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is approved by 
All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and meant basically for professionals. Whereas the course is designed by the college and approved by the AICTE.

Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM)does not need approval from any university or AICTE. But it is similar to PGDM.


  • The curriculum is up to date according to modern development.
  • The Course is all about Industry oriented course structure and Job Oriented Program.
  •  The College will admit as they wish.
  • College follows the there guideline and rules.


  • The Fee is higher than MBA Fees
  • PGDM / PGPM is not applicable to further studies like Ph.D.
  • PGDM/ PGPM is not applicable to government jobs.
  • It is a certificate course, not a degree.


Is it PGDM/PGPM or MBA, all are related to the management. You can choose an MBA or PGDM/PGPM, but choose it from a reputed college. Most important is SKILL and TALENT that you are going to learn. Learn more and Understand more, make sure your up to date to current development and knowledge.

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