In my previous blog, I explained what is branding, and what is brand equity? And this blog is about brand positioning and why is it important?

The ideological space you want in the minds of your target customers defines the brand’s niche – you think they should benefit from thinking about your brand. An effective brand positioning strategy maximizes customer relevance and competitive exclusions to maximize brand values.

Brand positioning strategies aim to create brand associations in the minds of consumers so that they can become brand aware in a specific way.

Why is brand positioning important?

It keeps you out of the competition

Branding your partnership enables you to engage in a unique area (eg, an industry-specific or highly specialized service provider) where no competitor dares to be firmly labeled “I-” as well as following your lead.

This will help you focus on a specific target market

Claiming a specific feature or taking advantage of a site will force you to focus on your services accordingly. It will make you feel that you are an expert in those services, thus enhancing your valuable potential. There are more experts than companies that describe themselves as ordinary people.

Determines further service development and pricing

Taking a strong stand against the competition will help you determine what new services to introduce and how much they will cost. Are you a high-cost boutique accounting firm or a no-frills, low-cost provider? What are the new services and subsidized prices for this site?

-It nurtures more effective and creative decision making

Once you develop the core message you need to boost your branding position, you will gain insights to make more effective decisions in the creative process. Manages clear communication in a clear position.

Helps provide tools to win more customers

Create the conditions to provide attractive sales tools to your business development team who needs to nurture and close further sales. Unique brand status provides strong insight and an excellent mindset to help stop the competition.

Proper branding can turn your company into a marketing powerhouse. It helps you focus on your services, your marketing message, and your company’s potential.

How to find a strong brand positioning?

Step 1: To create a unique and effective position for your product, you need the following analysis:

  • Understand what your customers want
  • Understand your potential company and product
  • Understand how the competitor is building its product

Step 2: Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to define a status statement:

  • Should be sympathetic to your customers
  • Can be delivered by your company competency
  • Should differ from its competitors

The easiest way to describe your product statement is to summarize it in three words. For example, “vegan, traditional and feminine.” Try not to choose common words like “Quality, Unique, Effective” because that is the purpose of each product.

Step 3: The remaining challenge is to show this branding niche in everything it does (product personality, package design, product, service, visual identity design, communication, etc.).


let’s take a look at two examples one from Nike and one from Starbucks.

For serious athletes, Nike gives confidence that provides the perfect shoe for every sport.

To cultured Millenials, Starbucks is a premium coffee house that adds an intimate and valuable experience to a customer’s lifestyle by integrating caffeine with a comfortable environment.

So as you can see the brand positioning statement includes a brief description of your target market and then how you want that market to perceive.

write down your thoughts in the comment section what do you think about brand positioning?

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