Individual are able to create Employment or not?

An individual can create employment or not, is there are anything we needed to create employment else the government needs to create employment. Because currently one of the global problems is unemployment. 

Where supply is more than the demand for labor. But in some sector demand is more the supply, that is Cloud Computing Engineers, Data Scientist, where firms need Skilled labor.

Creating  Employment by Individual :

Yes, Individuals are able to create employment. This can happen in all types of the market economy.  There are two main key role players:-

  • Skills
  • Government policy


Creating Employment by Individual through skills

An individual can able to create the employment, by his own skills even can anything. Even thou the unable to get a job or employment, if he/she has skills able to create self-employment through various sources like freelancing, blogger, content writer, etc.

Even Entrepreneurs like Jack Ma and Mark Zuckerberg etc are the one who created employment not for own but also for others. In other words, Skills are important to create employment by individuals.

Government policy

Government Policies which will help to create the individuals to create the employment. Individuals get funds and subsidies from the government which is based on the skills that individuals possess. 

Even many countries started new policies to encourage new entrepreneurs. Many countries participated in the Global Entrepreneurship Program, however, there are other programs. In order to increase the funds for entrepreneurs who want to bring a new idea in the world.

In addition, the Government provides certain training camps and programs to create individual people skillfully. India started the new programs to entrepreneurs and others like Make in India to the entrepreneur’s works and their products, Skill India which is introduced to develop the individual’s skills in various sectors.

digiataal indian and skill india and make in india


In conclusion, Individuals can create employment by there own with have skills and helps from the Government policies, funds, and programs.

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