Effect of COVID-19 on the education sector.

We all are in lockdown facing one of the biggest crises Decade that is COVID-19. Because of which there is a downwards trend in most of the industries in the world and slowing down the economy of many countries. This Effect of the COVID-19 even impacted on the education sector in different ways.

Effect of COVID-19 on the education sector:-

Overall there positive and negative effects of the COVID-19 on the education section.

Negative effects:-

Due to this pandemic, there is a hindrance to the education system, where teachers are not able to teach students directly or conduct the classes.

On Students

Where there are no exams and no studies, due to which students are been affected. Where Students not able to take part in any kind of physical exercise which is important for every student for there growth.

There public schools(Government schools) which provide free meals to there students in many countries. By which many poor students lost their meals, and become more burden on their families where there is no work to earn in this pandemic.

On Teachers

In this situation where schools are not able to perform any kind of operations, by which there is no flow of the funds. This made the burden on school to paying the teachers and staff.

Due to which teachers and most of the staff have lost their jobs. And they are in a situation where they can’t do other than teaching. By which there is an increase in unemployment in the education industry.

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Positive Effects

With the help of this pandemic, a new era of the education system has been started which is online teaching.

On Students

There was a time students have to leave their homes in name of better or higher studies. But due the COVID 19, there was a lockdown in many countries to safe keep the people. In this meantime, many of the schools and colleges have started online teaching.

Now student from any place can learn any thing within low cost.

On Teachers

This is where many things are changing due to COVID 19. New Edu-tech start-ups are emerging and teachers are started evolving with the new technology.

Where many schools and educational institutes have started conducting online classes, due to which teachers are adopting new techniques to teach better.

Now many young teachers have started there own online institutes, and started teaching by themselves like creating courses and selling them to students on there own website.

With the help of Learnyst, Udemy, etc create and sell courses become easy for teachers.

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Covid-19 has effected every sector, this has been a bad effect all over the world. But we cannot forget in the tough times there will something which will help us keep going forward. In the education sector, it was online teaching which helped us on continuing teaching the students.

Lets hope for getting rid of the covid-19 very soon.

Humble thanks to all the teachers, professors, educational institutions, and companies that are helping in continuing the teaching in these difficult times.

Comment and share your thoughts on the effect of covid-19 on education sector.

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Kausthub M Bharadwaj · October 12, 2020 at 3:57 am

Very true, but the some schools are charging more money as online fees, care to comment?

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