A city under lockdown

We all are in lockdown due to the safekeeping our-self from the spread Covid-19. Where the government of India stated entry country in lockdown, as well as most of the other countries too, stated the lockdown.

Where I live in one of the cities in India, there was lockdown for more than two months. With sudden announcement of lockdown everyone was in a bit confused, even companies are rush to make decisions about work from home and other plans.

During this lockdown education sector stopped its functions for the short term. There was no teaching, exams, but children are happy, this was there for a short period. Later every school and college started taking online classes and online exams, children have started scolding the internet and others.

Due to this lockdown, many companies are facing losses and it was affecting the employees. Even thou Some companies facing loss but still they are providing half salaries so that employees can take care of themself and their families.

Some companies are continued their work, by providing work from home facilities to employees. At starting there was downwards in production, but later it went upwards. Due to employees not wasting time in traveling and other works.

In this lockdown, the service sector was facing huge losses, and even the retail industry facing loss. But still able to provide the important necessities with the help of the government.

But there was a huge impact on the poor and middle sector, due to no jobs and salaries they were not able to buy the minimum necessities while the government is providing free ration and other things.

Still some great people came forward to help the needy people in this lockdown.

In this Pandemic we have seen many tragedies, people are suffering without there inference, loss to companies, and governments.

Many great warriors like doctors, cops, Sanitation workers, and electricians are fighting with this pandemic day and night.

Everything as good and bad thing, In pandemic I have seen people are taking care of others. As people say a difficult time brings new ideas, in this situation companies and Education institutes have come up with new ideas to continue their work.

Let us fight with this pandemic together and overcome this situation. And
Appreciate doctors, cops, and everyone who is keeping us safe and fighting with this COVID-19.

A city under lockdown is what I have seen. Comment down what you have seen during this lockdown.

Stay at home and Be safe.

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Lakshmi putra rama · May 24, 2020 at 4:01 pm

Very neatly explained about the present situation and their impact on the people.Greatly put into words.

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